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Critic about the CD "El alma en la raiz"  Magazine: Classical Guitar Magazine (England)
"El Alma en la Raiz" is number 25 in the catalog of EPSA music's "Guitarras del Mundo" series and features two outstanding musicians. One is the composer, Marcelo Coronel, who has proved with a single CD alone that he is worthy of international fame and thoroughly deserving of any fame which this recording may bring him. Without exception, the music is wholly enchanting and the musical interest never wanes with the compositions varying moods and complexities. The other is the performer, Leonardo Bravo, who, working closely with Coronel, interprets this lovely music with grace and panache. He has a refined and delicate touch but when something more aggressive is needed he has the equipment to handle it.
Altogether a delight from start to finish and a recording that I can thoroughly recommend.

Steve Marsh

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