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Tango is emotion, sensitivity and passion, it is poetry and dance, and in it unique combination of rhythms achieved the identity of a city, of the whole country. 

Trough the color of one of the main tradicional Tango ensemble, The trio make a trip around the tango history, from "Guardia vieja" (beginnings of the genre 1900) Carlos Gardel, Julio de Caro, Angel Villoldo, going trough the "Golden Era of the Tango 1940” Anibal Troilo, Mariano Mores, Julian Plaza, Osvaldo Pugliese, and also introducing the contemporary arrangements and composition  (from 1960) of masters like Leopoldo Federico, Horacio Salgan, Eduardo Rovira, until the "New tango" of Astor Piazzolla.

Leonardo Bravo ensembles try to bring and share the true soul of Buenos Aires, of Argentina throughout its music.

Leonardo Bravo  Soloist

Leonardo Bravo primarily base his work on the interpretation of Latin American music, especially in the music of his  country Argentina. At the same time he develops programs which contains the traditional repertoire of the classical guitar.

One of the main treasures of Latin America is the richness and variety of its music. Leonardo presents this musical heritage trough the main traditional and contemporary compositions of countries like Brasil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, etc. Also he works with young generations of composers in new pieces for guitar, and also he  introduces  his own compositions  and arrangements.

Leonardo Bravo & Shinji Ikeda
Guitar Duo

The duo Bravo-Ikeda was formed in 2008 and it is well known for its virtuosity and musicality. The repertoire is based  mainly Argetinean and Brazilian music, but also the general South America music. Besides the Latin approach the duo also performed the Classical traditional repertoire for guitar duo with composer like J. Rodrigo, E. Grandos, D. Scarlatti, etc.

Kumiko Kondo & Leonardo Bravo
Tango Duo

The combination of Guitar an Violin is one of the first-ensemble in the tango history, with the flute and the Clarinet. 

Based on it premise this duo try to introduce the richness and the deepness of the Tango in it charm and simplicity, approaching the traditional styles but also goings trough the diverse époque of the history of the genre. Not only Tango lovers, but also Guitar and Violin lovers can enjoy the beauty of these instruments in a intimate communication.

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