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Leonardo Bravo is a Graduate in Music and Guitar from the Music department of the National University in Rosario, Argentina. He has developed an extensive career as a soloist, giving concerts and classes in the Americas, Europe and Asia. His repertoire extends from classical music to Tango and Argentine folkloric music. Leonardo Bravo received his degree from the School of Music of Rosario National University where he studied with Professor Ines P. de Zemp. He also attended several international courses as “Santiago de Compostela” or “Porto Alegre” Brazil, studying with many maestros including Marlos Nobre, Paulo Bellinatti (Brazil), Victor Villadangos, Eduardo Isaac (Argentina), Jose Luis Rodrigo (Spain), Abel Carlevaro (Uruguay), etc. He won first prizes in many prestigious classical guitar competitions.


Leonardo has being involved in many different chamber music ensembles, including Classical, contemporary, ancient music. He also plays with groups specialized in traditional argentine music Folklore and Tango.

Leonardo's concerts always include music from his homeland, and this repertoire is becoming increasingly important to him. He is continually searching for new Argentine music and working in his own compositions and arrangements.


In 1991 to 2003 he was appointed Professor of Guitar at Rosario National University, Where he is acknowledged for the quality of his teaching, being many of his students are well known in the national and international scene.

In 2003 he moved to Japan, continuing his work and as a teacher and as a performer sharing activities with many well-known Japanese musicians as Shin Ichi Fukuda, Komatsu Ryota, Ohagi Yasuji, etc and also the prestigious National Philharmonic Orchestra of Japan. He also perform concerts in japan with Berta Rojas and William Kanengiser,etc In 2006 made different recitals in South Korea, which were broadcasted throughout the country.

He attend as a professor and performer to Internationals guitar festivals as “Guitarras del Mundo” Argentina, “International Guitar Festilval of Taiwan” Taiwan, “International Guitar Festilval” Corea, “International Asian Guitar Festilval” japan, “Iternational East end guitar festival” Japan, “International Jazz festival of Nanjing” China,etc with Maestros liker Eduardo fernandez, Shin Ichi Fukuda, Judicael Pierrof, Quique Sinesi, Juan Falu, etc

In February of 2008 “Forest Hill Edition” published his composition “5 Little pieces” (Trees, Men and the river) This piece was chosen as a mandatory piece in the “International Kyushu Guitar Contest” Japan. Also was chosen as part of the mandatory repertoire of the Marshal University USA, and in 2015 was chosen by Trinity College of London to be part of their mandatory Exam books.

Also this year after a concerts and Masterclass series in U.S.A he was awarded with the  “Joan C. Edward's Distinguished Professor of Fine Arts” by the Marshall University College of Fine Arts. EEUU.

From 2009 works for “Gendai Guitar” as a Professor of its “Gendai Guitar. Music Academy”,Tokyo. 

Also in 2013 he was comitionated by a Corean Publisher company to composed 8 pieces to be part of the Project “Sound Gym” dedicated to Moms and baby, which contains a Mom `s book and 32 picture book for kids.

In 2013 Gendai Guitar Company edited a new book called “Tangos Materpieces by Leonardo Bravo” and the CD with all the contents of the book. 17 arrangements  for solo guitar and guitar duo. And In 2019 edited a new book “Cielo abierto, 8 pieces for solo guitar”dedicated to the music of the composer Quique Sinesi, published by gendai Guitar.

Nowadays besides teaching and perform he also make recordings and write articles specialized in Classical and Latin American Music for the “Gendai Guitar Magazine”








1987: First price “Rosario guitar competition” Rosario Guitar Asociation .

1989: First price “Classical guitar competition” Mozarteum Santa Fe, Salzburg/Argentina.

1991: First price “Classical guitar contest” C.G.A Buenos Aires Argentina.

1994: “Best guitarist of the year” C.G.A Argentina
1994: First price “Chamber music competition” Antorchas

Fundation, Argentina.

1994: Second price “San Lorenzo classical guitar competition”

S.L guitar asociation, Argentina.
1995: First price “Classical guitar competition” Rosario National

University, Argentina.

1995: First price “Guitar contest scholarship XVI guitar international seminary” Porto Alegre, Brasil.

2003: Second price “Composition and performance of argentinean music national contest” Argentina

2009: Received the John Edward Special Art Award from Marshall University, USA


February 2024: Rene Kodaira (Kodaira Civic Cultural Hall) (Tokyo) sponsored by Kodaira City Cultural Promotion Foundation

May 2024: Hofu Aspire (Community Exchange Center) (Yamaguchi)

June 2024: Oizumigakuen Yumeria Hall (Tokyo)

August 2024: Hakuju Hall (Tokyo)

September 2024: Mitaka City Arts Center (Tokyo)

June 2023: Muse Music Hall (Aichi)

September 2023: Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center (Fukuoka)

October 2023: Kashiwa Daidoin (Chiba)

November 2023: Shomidou Music Hall (Saitama)

June 2022: Kioi Salon Hall (Tokyo)

June 2022: Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru (Hokkaido)

April 2022 Munetsugu Hall (Aichi)

March 2022: Nikkei Hall (Tokyo), sponsored by Nikkei Newspaper

February 2022: Nihonbashi Tango Sol (Tokyo)

January 2022: Kawagoe City Yamabuki Hall (Saitama)

Solo guitar program examples

A. Piazzolla's works

The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires





Adios Nonino

Chiquilin de Bachin

Buenos Aires Hora Cero. etc

Three Latin American pieces  L. Brouwer

Argentine  Tango Classic and modern

El Choclo A. Villoldo

Nieblas del Riachuelo J.C. Cobian

Nunca tuvo Novio. A. Bardi

Silvando (Whistling) C. Castillo

Flores negras F. De Caro   

Two Uruguayan Candombes  Q. Sinesi

Danza sin Fin

Cielo abierto  etc.

Suite Paisajes C. Aguirre







Argentine Folklore

Works by  A. Yupanqui

La del Campo

Agua Escondida

La Estancia Vieja etc.

Alfonsina y el mar.  A. Ramirez

Works by E. Fallu

April 7th

El Algarrobo (The Carob Tree) etc.

2 Japanese pieces

Takeda's Lullaby

Kojo no Tsuki

Suite No. 2 in D minor S. de Murcia

Prelude and Allegro
Sarabande Lento
Gigue Allegro Dulsaina

Works by M. Ponce

Sonata Romantica

Allegro moderato

Andante expresivo

Allegreto vivo

Allegro non troppo serioso

Sonata No. 3

Allegro moderato


Allegro non troppo


Serie Americana  H. Ayala

Choro (Brazil)
Taquirari (Bolivia)
Guarania (Paraguay)
Tonada (Chile)
Valz (Peru)
Gato & Malambo (Argentina)

Works by H. Villa-Lobos

Suite popular brasileira

Mazurka Choro
Schottisch Choro
Waltz Choro
Gavotte Choro


5 Preludes  

Suite Compostelana.  F. Mompou

Preludio (Prelude)

Coral (Chorale)

Cuna (Lullaby)

Recitativo (Recitative)

Canción (Song)

Muñeira (Galician dance)

Other projects

Leonardo Bravo Tango Trio

Classical & Modern Argentine Tango

Kitamura Satoshi (Bandoneon)

Tanaka Shinji (Bass)

Leonardo Bravo (Guitar)

Traditional Tango Duo

Classical & modern Argentine Tango

Kumiko Kondo (violin)

Leonardo Bravo (Guitar)

Leonardo Bravo & Rie Akagi

Latin American Music

South and Central American Music, Jazz

Rie Akagi (Flute)

Leonardo Bravo (Guitar)

Leonardo Bravo & Shinji Ikeda duo

Classical Music & South American Classical Music

Ikeda Shinji (Guitar)

Leonardo Bravo (Guitar)

Tango/Argentine Music Lecture

Argentine Tango Lecture Concert,

Argentine Music Lecture

Guitar Ensemble

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