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Critic about the CD "El entrevero". Magazine : Classical Guitar Magazine (January 2006) England

'El Entrevero' is Leonardo Bravo and Marcelo Coronel and this recording is a consequence of playing several years together when Bravo recorded a complete CD of Coronel's compositions (El Alma en la Raiz, number 25 in the catalog of EPSA Music's 'Guitarras del Mundo' series): after that project they found they had an empathy for each other's style and the performances on this new release illustrates their wonderful musicianship and technical skill. For lovers of South American music played in the 'traditional' way this music is wholly enchanting and deliciously likable and the whole program is a delight to listen to from start to finish.
Highly recommended.

Steve Marsh

Critic about the CD "El entrevero".   Words by the composer Walter Heinze

"When the performers capture the  harmony, character, and expression of a particular style - that is, what lies "beyond the written"- and have the necessary means to express it with ease and sensitivity, the result is one of immediate joy on the part of the listener. This is the sense I get from this recording of the Duo El entrevero. It is pure grace and truth built upon a delicate aesthetic work of creation and an ensemble of great maturity. I have not doubt that the diffusion of this CD will make a significant contribution to the musical panorama of contemporary guitar, in our country and wherever it is heard. All that remains is for me to thanks Leonardo and Marcelo for including two of my compositions, one of which (El prometido) is dedicated to them, and lastly to wish them the success that they so rightly deserve"
Walter Heinze, Parana  January 2005

Critic about the CD "El alma en la raiz". Magazine: Cahiers de la Guitare  (France)

"The Collection Guitarras del Mundo has had, once again, the good taste to disclose two unknown talents: The Argentinean Leonardo Bravo plays here 13 pieces of his compatriot Marcelo Coronel, developed from gato, chamarrita, cueca, vidala, chamamé, galopa... The perfomance soaks up the culture of the North of Argentina perfectly mastered in a classic style with pure sound and well fluent. It seems that after each introduction some poet from Misiones´s region would start to declaim. In the style of the Flores brothers.

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